Are your products all 100% plant/botanical based? 

All of our products are 100% natural, plant and botanical based. Suzannah personally picks every ingredient in our range – if she doesn’t feel its energy, she wont work with it – rest assured they are nutrient rich and of the highest quality.

Most of our ingredients are organic (certified by the Soil Association) and our 3 balms Cleanse, Purity and Fabulous have been Certified by the Soil Association. We’re currently working with the Soil Association to certify all of our products, which is an exciting step for us as a young brand.

None of the ingredients in our products, or the products themselves are tested on animals.


Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

We choose only the finest organic and natural ingredients in our products however we are aware people have sensitivities. If you haven't tried our products before we recommend you purchase one of our Trial Packs and do a skin test. You can do this by placing a small amount of the product in the crook of your elbow and leave for 24-48 hours to see how your skin reacts, (obviously if there is any sensitivity remove with water).

Our most gentle products are Purity Balm, Rose Water and Peppermint Water.  


Which products would you advise for combination skin?

Most of our products are oils and balms, which contrary to opinion, working with them on the skin actually balances combination skin. Begin with Cleanse Balm, making sure you remove it all by immersing the muslin in hand hot water and holding it over the face to allow the fragrance to release. It is also nice to warm the skin first with a warm cloth to open the pores. Cleanse Balm will also remove eye make up (that you remove gently with warm wet cotton-wool before application). Our Peppermint Water is wonderful for cooling and awakening the skin, following with either Rejuvenate Face Oil or our Honour Coconut & Roses Face Cream. At night Nourish Face Oil is best, allowing the skin to breathe while you sleep.


I’ve never used a face oil before, do you have any tips?

Gently massage a few drops of the oil onto your face and neck twice a day for optimum results. It is best to always use an oil at night as it allows the skin to breath during sleep. In the morning, use the face oil instead of a moisturiser under a sunscreen or foundation. For really dry skin, treat Rejuvenate Face Oil like a serum and then apply Honour Face Cream on top.


When starting with a new product (especially an oil) is it normal to experience breakouts occasionally?

Occasionally this can be the case as oils allow the skin to breath and therefore breakouts can occur as the skin begins to detox. It shouldn’t last too long, we would suggest you stop using it for a couple of days and then apply some to the inside of your elbow and wait for 24-48 hours to see if there’s a reaction before re-applying it to your face.


Please tell me more about the small grain texture in your balms

We work with different butters/bees wax in our balms and when mixed together can produce tiny grains which melt on contact. They are completely normal and the product is perfectly fine to use. 

Please keep in mind as we use organic ingredients sometimes our products can appear different from batch to batch, this is the beauty of Mother Nature.


Can you please explain a bit more about how your products help those who suffer from rosacea and similar conditions? 

Rosacea is a condition where redness of the cheeks on the face appear, sometimes as little lines and other times as thread veins, often relating to a hormonal imbalance. We have done no clinical trials but from our knowledge base of ingredients and feedback from our customers we would recommend trying our Purity Balm.

A great way to incorporate Purity Balm into your beauty routine is to give yourself a mini treatment, by massaging it into your face/skin by way of a protective treatment. Spending ten minutes a day just massaging the skin achieves amazing results and improves the texture of the skin because the massage creates improved circulation to the area. It’s also a way of spending time to nurture yourself, something we find very difficult to do these days.

Purity was originally made for a baby's rash to cool and calm.


Why are the isolated constituents from the essentials oils listed on the products’ ingredients list? 

Under European Law we have to list the chemical constituents of the essential oils that are considered to be allergens if they go above 000.1% in a blend. They are not something we have added individually, they are present naturally in essential oils through the process of distillation. 


Can you tell me more about tocopheral used in Suti products?

Tocopherol (Vitamin E) is a powerful antioxidant which also has the benefits of adding to the preservation of the product. 

The tocopherol in our face oils is a mixture of vegetable oils. The tocopherol in our balms are soy based. All are natural and non-GMO.


My skin gets greasy in the summer but I don’t want to dry it out. What’s the best skincare regime for this?

As part of a skin care regime don’t forget to look at your whole lifestyle – plenty of exercise to improve circulation, meditation for down time (calming, ‘me time’, improving the breath and the flow of energy through the lungs and the skin), fresh water to encourage detoxification via the appropriate channels, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, skin brushing, regular facials – frequent massage improves circulation. 

A home routine using our Cleanse Balm to balance sebum, skins own natural oil, and self massage to release any congestion and blockages allowing free flow of energy to our skin cells. Followed by our cooling and awakening Peppermint Water to tone and refresh the skin and then Rejuvenate Face Oil to balance, allowing the skin to breath.