About Us

The Suti Collection comes from a healing background inspired by Suzannah’s work as a Complementary Therapist


Suti is a partnership between sisters-in-law Suzannah Jenkins and Tina Steadman 
Suzannah (Su), a highly qualified Complementary Medicine Therapist has been working with Reiki, Homeopathy, Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Flower Essences and Aromatherapy for over 15 years in her treatment rooms.

She was constantly asked by her clients for skincare preparations to aid in the healing process of their treatments, and began making nourishing balms and facial oils for them to take home. At the same time explored working with Crystals in her formulations and facial treatments.

Her credentials include qualifications in Reiki (The Golden Reiki Way), Crystal Healing, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenations and Homeopathy. She is continuing her journey in the Golden Reiki Way and will complete her Reiki Mastery later this year.
Tina (Ti) studied Visual Communication at the University of South Australia and worked in a Design Studio in Adelaide before moving to London in 2002 to travel, and soon after began working in Publishing. 

Suzannah introduced Tina to Homeopathy during the pregnancy of her first child, and this ignited Tina's interest in Natural Healing Therapies. With recent qualifications in Reiki (The Golden Reiki Way) and Crystal Healing, as Suti grows, her healing journey continues.

Suti launched in the Autumn of 2010 although the seed began a few years earlier when Suzannah first gave Tina some products to nurture and nourish her skin during pregnancy. Adoring the products and their unique energy, Tina knew they were special and their creative collaboration began.

There is a story behind each product, how it came to be and we hope you enjoy using them as much as we have creating them.



Our Unique Approach

We believe beauty is more than skin deep and choosing the finest, active, organic ingredients is just the beginning. It is our goal Suti products bring a greater sense of well-being to our customers. 

Beginning with our formulations we research our ingredients beyond their scientific benefits – tracing them through history and their link in Mythology; studying the Doctrine of Signatures with their physical qualities, appearance and purpose within nature. This gives us a greater understanding of how it will perform both physically and energetically with the skin. 

With each batch of products made, we work with the subtle energy of Reiki, Meditation, the Moon and Crystals. We have dedicated Clear Quartz Crystals that work specifically with each product. Physically Clear Quartz Crystal has a high silica content, which is fundamental to our skin, energetically it works with the whole body, reputed to purify, amplify and send healing to where it is needed.

We also work with a unique set of 10 Coloured Crystal Stones (that correlate with our 10 energy centres (chakras)) which are especially attuned to us and Suti products.

We are drawn to the Moon and its feminine, powerful, cyclical, yet gentle energy. The effects of its cycles are well known as we see throughout Mother Earth from the tides, to farming, to Women’s cycles. Each skin cell has a cycle, beginning in the basal layer of the dermis, closest to the source of nutrients from blood circulation and lymphatics, going through different phases like that of the Moon, waxing and waning, fading away and revealing the new underneath, lasting between 27-35 days. Working with the Moon and it’s similar monthly cycle, the energy is harmonious.

Our intention is to harness the Full Moon’s energy of light, regeneration and transformation by placing the Crystals under the Full Moon before incorporating within our Blessing Ceremony.


* Healing –  The word 'heal' of ancient origin means 'holy' or 'whole' or 'hale and healthy'. There is a misconception that it means to 'cure'. When the client and healer let go of the need and desire to make healthy, the deeper the healing – the making holy can begin.