Some kind words from our beautiful Customers...

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“I have been using SUTI products for a year now, and am absolutely a devotee. The Rejuvenate Face Oil is divine, I use it day and night, and my skin feels wonderful.  It is heavenly to apply and I am in love with how it smells.  

On colder or vulnerable days I use the Purity Balm which I find wonderfully comforting and nurturing. I have also used the Purity Balm on scars and a couple of recent scrapes.  It has superb healing qualities and I have found it extremely effective.  I was inspired at how quickly it helped the healing process.

You can really feel the wonderfully pure, positive, healing energy behind these products.”  P.P. Sussex


“The Suti Rejuvenate Face Oil is wonderful!.. After a week my skin looked better and healthier, after a month I am devoted to it. It really is lovely to use on the face and neck – my hands (which are rather dry) loved it too.”  H. UK


“I have been using the Fabulous Foot Balm for several years and found it to be the best... The balm smells delicious and only a small amount provides a very moisturising treatment which is quickly absorbed and keeps my feet feeling soft.

The Rejuvenate Face Oil smells divine. I have sensitive skin so am very pleased to have found an oil which is so delicate but effective. I only need  a few drops of this wonderful oil daily and my skin is moisturised all year round.”   A.C. Richmond


“I am extremely selective about what skin care products I use and feel passionate about Suti's Rejuventate Face Oil. The sublime harmony of  pure, simply beautiful organic ingredients feels delicious from the moment it makes contact with my skin and leaves my face feeling deeply nourished, silky smooth and totally pampered.”  E. C. London


“I introduced my partner to the Purity Balm a couple of months ago when his eczema flared up again on his legs, leaving them raw and sore and extremely itchy.  He has tried using many products over the years, from prescription creams to other natural balms.  Within a few days of using the Purity Balm, his legs started healing and the intensity of the redness and soreness subsided.  A few days later and they had cleared up enormously, to the extent we were truly amazed!  He has been using daily ever since and he (we!) are so grateful to you for introducing us to this calming, nurturing and restorative product.” A.P. Sussex

“I found the products beautifully moisturising without being greasy and my skin felt soft and supple until bedtime, no need to reapply at any time. I love the spritzer bottles and wasn't expecting the lovely calming smell of the rose water.”   S. N. Devon

“I love Suti. The Rose Water spray is like a spa in a jar, it's so refreshing and delicious, and the Rejuvenate oil is rich and nourishing without feeling greasy.”  S.H. London

“Fabulous Foot Balm: This is a WOW product. It's sensational, magical, luscious, invigorating and exceeds all expectations. This product is stunning, I have used Fabulous Foot Balm now for many months with magnificent results. Suti are a pleasure to deal with, I wish them every success.”   M. F. Hampton Court


“The Rejuvenate Organic Face Oil elixir is like liquid gold - it's heavenly! It just feels so luxurious and sumptuous when massaged into my skin, a real pampering experience.” C.F. London


“My skin is softer and my skin tone looks more even.  As well as benefiting my skin it makes me feel relaxed and ready for bed.”  L. UK


“After using these products for a few weeks, I am converted - I normally can't stand cream on my face let alone oil. Each product is luxurious in its own way and easily absorbed into my wrinkly old skin! I'm not a good sleeper but your Nourish Night Oil is thoroughly relaxing and I seem to sleep better when I use it.”   M. P. Surrey


“I’ve been using both face oils – Rejuvenate and Nourish – for about three years now. Not only do they feel lovely as you apply them, and make your skin feel lovely, but I’m certain that they contribute to making my skin both look and feel younger.”  D.H. Chalfont St Peter


“Rejuvenate makes me feel like a million dollars.”   W.M. Quissac


“I LOVE the Rejuvenate Face Oil and Peppermint Water. Honestly my face has never felt smoother/better (I had no idea I wasn’t supposed to use a cream at night) and the Water has been well used as I got a little sunburnt last weekend so that was gloriously refreshing.”  S.T. Sydney


“Since starting to use the Rejuvenate Face Oil, my skin has felt more balanced and less congested. My dry areas do feel more supple, softer, and nicely hydrated, but even better, the most break-out prone areas of my face (chin in particular!) have calmed down significantly. Though my acne is not severe, I usually have a few blemishes at any one time, and occasionally more major break-outs. As I've gotten older I've been seeing more and more of the cumulative effects my largely hormonal acne has had on my skin - scarring, pigmentation/dark spots which can take months to fade, and uneven texture in particular. I've been looking for something to reduce (or at least not aggravate) current break-outs AND start healing some of this damage, and the Rejuvenate Oil has been just right. 

I now feel a lot more hopeful about being able to reduce the damage to my skin and achieve a complexion which feels fresh, clear and alive. My skin has a healthy glow that even my partner has noticed - he said, "your skin is loving that oil," and he was right. Furthermore, the oil is a joy to use. I have always believed that the time we spend on beauty should be focused on nurturing and loving ourselves - getting ready to face the day in the morning and leaving our cares behind at night. The Rejuvenate Oil's lovely texture and smell help make good skincare feel like part of a grounding daily ritual.”  A.G. Somerset


Dear Suti,

I want to thank you with all my heart for making such great products. I am 24 years old and have had acne skin since I was 12. I have tried every single product on the market claiming to clear my skin, I even did accutane for several months until I had to stop because my body couldn't handle it. 1 month after the treatment my skin was back to being horrible and I gave up. I thought that I will never have beautiful skin.

This summer I was diagnosed with a tumor in my bladder, which I feel has been a blessing in disguise. I had to switch from normal products to all natural, which is how I came across your products. My first product was you Peppermint toner, which I love to use when I need to refresh during the day, it makes me so energized. After using the toner I was curious to try some of your other products and have recently bought the rose toner and your purity balm and while both are AMAZING, I just cannot explain how much the balm has saved my skin!! After only a couple of uses my skin is as clear as it has ever been. How is that possible!? I just love how luxurious it feels, not to mention how amazingly it calms my skin.

It even helps clear my pimples over night and I feel that all of my scars are less visible too! I just cannot get my hands down over this product, it is just truly amazing and I don't think that I am ever going to use anything else on my skin. I cannot wait to try the rest of your products, I am completely hooked!

D.J. Sweden