HONOUR Coconut & Roses Face Cream 50ml

  • Energetic Intention: Joy

    Symbolic of Protection and Rebirth, breathing new life into our skin

    with Rose Moon Essence 

    Rose, Queen of Flowers, calming for the mind, body and spirit – embrace the energy of renewal and regeneration.

    This calming floral skin Water instantly uplifts and encourages feelings of spiritual lightness and happiness. Reflecting the energy of Rose and the joy and love that it brings, it is also infused with our own Rose Moon Essence created from the energy of a beautiful Red Rose – Tess of the D’Urberville’s – under the Rose Full Moon.

    The principles of our Moon Essences take into account the powerful Lunar influences on botanicals. Our Rose Water harnesses this feminine energy of the Moon to create a Spritz that soothes and protects the Body, Mind and Spirit.

    Our perception of Rose Moon Essence is that it is perfect for the heart, as it encourages joy and happiness, relieves sadness and grief and opens the heart to receive love.
  • Rosa Damascena Flower Water*

    * Certified Organic
  • Spritz over face and neck and allow to absorb, or gently press into skin, alternatively spritz onto cotton pad (until damp) and apply – following Cleanse in the evening or anytime your skin needs rehydrating throughout the day.

    Our Rose Water is slightly opaque. A sediment may appear after a certain length of time, it is not a sign of staleness and will not affect the properties of the water and the safety of its use. It can be removed by simply running the Water through a sieve.
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