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Sali Rasa and Jodie Michalak Redefining the Beauty

Our most recently qualified Suti Skin Care Facialist and Hairstylists Jodie Michalak and Sali Rasa who are also contributors to TRH share the new trends in cosmethic and therapeutic technoglogy.

1. Recycling

It's needless to say that every second the recycling process's becoming more and more critical. Circular economy allows Suti to recycle natural by-products (like food waste, agricultural waste, etc) and use them as key ingredients to beauty products.

2. AI

AI is one of the hottest trends that shapes every industry including cosmetics. We're actively trying to implement IRIS AI to analyse relevant research papers and dissertations to find the connections between key components of successful cosmetics structure. This tool helps us to experiment and get truly innovative results. Stay updated! 3. Well aging VS Ant-Aging

Me and Sali have hundreds of 50+ clients. Our attempt to uncover the secret of ethernal youth has led us to a simple but powerful conclusion. Better aging is more important than anti-aging. Using our cosmetics 40+ women are 35% more likely to have significantly younger-looking and healthier skin. The key here is problem prevention instead of problem solving. Check our catalogue to learn more.

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