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Elizabeth Chanter Suti Skincare Facialist

First, Suti Skincare would like to wish everyone a very wonderful New Year!! We hope that you will continue to prosper well into 2016! 

 At the end of last year we brought news of Donna, our most recently qualified Suti Core Facialist. Now we must introduce you to Elizabeth Chanter.




Elizabeth's working life began as a Designer Dressmaker then, after her children were born she trained as a classical Homeopath, a Golden Way Reiki Master Practitioner and Reflexologist. Since then, has been involved with the alternative health industry for over 20 years.  Her healing practice is known as Honour Wellbeing.


Elizabeth says:

 "I’ve always had sensitive skin, especially to petroleum based products, and started seeking out the alternatives during my mid-teens. Despite discovering some good products, it was not until I met Suzannah and Tina at a Golden Way Crystal Training Reiki weekend, that I fell in love with the Suti Organic Skincare Range, and I’ve used nothing else personally since Easter 2014.  

I love the products so much that I offered to take over the in store Suti demonstrations in Cheltenham and Cirencester, as well as continuing to work in my own healing practice.

There is something very, very special about these products, so special that I decided to train with Suzannah, and to incorporate The Suti Core Facial Massage Treatment into my healing practice, into which it nestles beautifully.

 I love giving this wonderfully nurturing and replenishing treatment to my clients, and watching them as they melt into the treatment, their skin begins to glow, and they leave with eyes bright, feeling relaxed and re-energised.  Both their skin and their being release whatever isn’t needed, under the very gentle influence of this very special Treatment.  Magic happens! I especially love working with the Crystals gently stroking the skin, as Crystal work is so much already part of what I do.


One very happy client posted on my Honour Wellbeing Facebook page:


"I was lucky enough to experience a Suti Core Facial Massage from Elizabeth. It really was 2 hours of bliss. Not only was it incredibly relaxing but it felt like very cell of me was being nourished. Just being in Elizabeth's calming presence makes you feel at peace and loved. For anyone that is considering taking up this treatment I can't recommend it more and to call it a facial is a great injustice - it is so, so much more than that.”  (Laila Lewis - Cheltenham)


Elizabeth offers The Suti Core Treatment from her treatment room, The Wellbeing Room(address below). You can choose between two Suti Treatments - 90 minutes (allow 2 hours) and 2 hrs (allow 2 and a half hours). 


She can also be found demonstrating Suti products and free mini treatments at The Nutrition Centres in Cheltenham and Cirencester, and at Whole Foods in Cheltenham - so you can go along and say hello, find out more about Suti products and receive some free samples to try.  Elizabeth’s In store dates are to be found both on Honour Wellbeing’s Facebook page or follow Suti on twitter for weekly updates @SutiSkincare.

 Visit: www.wellbeingandbeyond.net for more information
To book your treatment email elizabeth@wellbeingandbeyond.net
 Or call 07930 411963 
The Wellbeing Room, 111 Naunton Crescent, Cheltenham GL53 7BE in Gloucestershire 
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