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Cleanse Balm Spotlight with Home Facial Treatment Tips…

Treat yourself this Mother’s Day with a home facial treatment featuring our Cleanse Organic Balm, to purify the skin, allowing release and renewal.



Suti Cleanse Balm – Energetic Intention: Purification, for release and renewal. 
To create space and wash away all that no longer serves us.


Cleanse Balm Facial Cleanser leaves the skin refreshed, purified and pampered, allowing the free flow of energy to the skin. A beautiful combination of Avocado – the fruit of fertility and love – with its ability to power the cells for regeneration; Sunflower – the flower of longevity – providing long life, reproduction and growth to the skin cells. With organic essential oils of Mandarin – for new beginnings, to love and be true to who you are, the invitation for your inner child to play and be creative; combined with Geranium  the most balancing of all plants, creating harmony, nurturing the skin and senses with its ability to cleanse and clear congestion, encouraging renewal and the promise of a radiant glow.

Cleanse Balm together with regular home facials help you to release, energise and transform your skin – letting go all that is no longer required, leaving you with fresh, radiant skin.

Mother’s Day is a perfect time to cleanse and detox the skin in harmony with The Moon Cycle. Our skin cycle and the cycle of the Moon mimic each other, both beginning their lives as a fine crescent, expanding over the month to full luscious cells – (waxing) a time to nurture, shedding gently away to begin the cycle again, (waning) a time to detox – in a process known as ‘waxing and waning’.

The Moon – Goddess Energy, The Great Mother connecting us to water, reflecting the flow of life, water being emotion, we store water in the cells of our body  is in its waning cycle between the Full Worm Moon (we had on the 5th of March) – a time when the Earth begins to soften, earth worms casts reappear, creating new space for growth, reconnecting with new life and the Earth reawakening. Also known by some tribes as the Full Crow Moon, listen for the Crows excitedly cawing for the rebirth of Spring – and Spring Equinox (on the 20th of March) when day and night is equal, a time for renewal.

Take the time for yourself and create the space for your Cleanse Treatment. Run a bath if available, play music if that helps you to relax and focus on what you would like to let go of at this time and also what you would like to bring into your life, your personal intention. Light a candle and repeat out loud this intention. Then begin with Dolphin breath by taking a forceful out breath through the mouth, followed by a deep inhalation through the nose. Keep your awareness on your breath, gently out through the mouth, in through the nose until you feel relaxed. Place Suti Cleanse Balm into the palm of your left hand and using the tips of your fingers apply to your face and neck.

Upon application the balm melts and releases its beautiful fresh fragrance of Mandarin, Lime, Lavender and Geranium, helping to remove the stress of the day. Massage your face and neck with small, firm circular movements, paying attention to areas under the chin, around the eyes and nose, the forehead and behind the ears to stimulate the circulation, bringing fresh oxygen to energise the skin. We encourage massaging at every opportunity as a way of cleansing the skin, nurturing yourself, connecting to our core foundation and taking time out.   

Next wet your muslin with hand hot/warm water, wring the excess and cover the face with the muslin, allowing the warmth to penetrate, steam and open the pores, whilst the fragrance of the combined essential oils release. Take 3 deeps breaths, then gently remove the Cleanse Balm until the skin is clean. Reapply the Cleanse Balm and leave on the skin for 10 minutes. During this time, bring your attention to your breath and focus on your personal intention, while the balm works to rehydrate and deep cleanse, allowing energetic healing vibrations to penetrate the skin, reaching to the core of the body. You may also wish to connect with the intention Purification, we set for Cleanse Balm during the special Meditation we perform when the Cleanse Balm is made.

Immerse the muslin cloth again in water and place over the face and remove the Cleanse Balm until the skin is clean.

Gently pat dry your face, then rub your hands together until they feel warm and you feel the energy between your palms increase, place your hands onto your face covering your eyes. Take 3 deep breaths, focusing again on your personal intention, your cleansed, beautiful face and skin, and smile!

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