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First Post

Welcome to our brand new blog! This is something we, at Suti, have been planning to do for a while so we are excited to be launching it with our new website.

2014 has been our busiest year so far! Our range of products is now becoming better known, so we have been a little snowed under of late! We’re most definitely not complaining – it is exciting to see all the hard work starting to pay off, so we thank you.

In March of this year, we welcomed Honour to our ranks. Perhaps you were lucky enough to receive a free Rose Water with your first purchase of Honour Face Cream? These two products work beautifully as a pair:

Suzannah says: “Every time you apply this cream – Honour yourself – create that sacred space, generate empowerment and self love. Aloneness can bring a great gift as we take time out in the sanctuary of silence. Our most meaningful journeys need to be undertaken alone, solitary, like a single Rose.”

Personally, after becoming such a massive face oil convert since being introduced to Suti, the idea of switching back to a face cream was not my top skincare priority. And even now, I still love the Rejuvenate Face Oil as my moisturiser in the morning. Saying this however, using Honour on my arms and décolletage is such a treat! (I am in my early 20’s and would describe my skin type as combination – it can be oily but I do also get dry patches.)

Here is a review of Honour, by Beauty Blogger Ana Goes Green:

“I was very excited to try this and it really didn't disappoint. It has a beautiful soft and sweet rose scent within a lovely light but nourishing cream, when my sachet had ended I was soo sad, this has gone straight on my Birthday wish list, this is a product that I think a lot of people will love, the full size is pricey but the ingredients are fantastic.”


My Role within Suti

I began working for Suti last July soon after completing a massage course, and started visiting our stockists in London in order to support Suti, by speaking to customers about the brand, giving out samples and offering free hand massages.

The stores that I visit include: Whole Foods Market – High Street Kensington, Camden, Clapham, Piccadilly, Richmond, and the recently opened store in Fulham Broadway, and Nutri Centre, Park Cresent. The majority of other brands have representatives doing a similar thing, however, very few of them offer free mini-treatments so I find this drums up quite a bit of interest.

Going in-store for ‘demos’ was quite challenging in the beginning. There are so many brands stocked by Whole Foods meaning that there has always been quite a lot of competition with representatives from other companies.

The main difference of working in this capacity for Suti, is that being a small company, we do not have strict selling targets - meaning that it can be much more of an enjoyable experience for both, the customer, and I. By removing this ‘big sell’ pressure, I am able to talk much more freely about the products and different ways in which they can be used. Having passion for the brand and products is much more effective than a more obvious ‘hard sell’. We want those who buy Suti to really enjoy them – only by doing this will you get the most out of the products!

I find that by offering a mini-treatment it is much easier to connect, both physically and emotionally, with a customer. Suti is a brand whose products go beyond claims of ‘fighting the appearance of aging’ and other similar slogans. It is a brand with Founders who are committed to finding ingredients that will benefit your internal perception of yourself, as well as, leaving your skin soft and feeling lovely.

In my opinion, there are two major factors that separate Suti from other brands.

Firstly, we focus on the mythologies of the plants and flowers, that often show the reason behind why each ingredient was picked for each specific product. These mythologies combined with the story of how each product came into being. Stories permeate the way we think and feel – as children we build our belief systems on narrative elements that form the basic structure of human thought.

Secondly, each carefully selected ingredient contains its own specific energy, and combined within a formulation, this in turn creates an new energy, which is further enhanced through a blessing ceremony and an Energetic Intention is set through Meditation and Reiki, performed by Suzannah and Tina together. These Intentions are as follows:

Fabulous Foot Balm - Endurance 

Peppermint Water - Awaken 

Cleanse Balm - Purification 

Rose Water – Joy

Rejuvenate Face Oil - Calm

Nourish Face Oil - Stillness

Honour Face Cream - Empowerment 

Purity Balm - Protection

Every batch of product is attuned to this Intention when it is manufactured. The time and effort spent to do this means that, the environment in which the products are created mirrors the Intention of which they are attuning it to.

I find that, personally telling customers at in-store demos the details of this process helps them to get a sense Suti’s Founders, as they wholeheartedly believe in their products.

If you are in London and would like a mini hand massage treatment please do follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we always post when we are in-store next. I look forward to meeting you!



Disclaimer: Any opinions displayed on the Suti blog portray the personal opinions of the individual writing the post and are not necessarily the opinions of the company as a whole.

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